Medical Emergency While Traveling

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Under the coverage of your group insurance plan, there are certain conditions that apply when you seek medical attention in the event of an emergency while traveling outside your province of residence.


  • Coverage applies for medical care that must be provided promptly due to:
    • Sudden and unexpected injury or new condition occurring when an insured person travels outside his/her province of residence.
    • Particular health problem or specific condition already diagnosed, but stable from a medical point of view, at departure.
  • Coverage applies in the event of a pregnancy-related medical emergency, as long as the trip is usually completed at least four weeks before the expected date of delivery.
  • You and your dependents must be covered under a public health insurance plan.
  • Insurance usually covers only the first 60 days of travel
  • “Stable” means that, within 90 days of the date of departure, the insured person did not:
    • Received any treatment or examination for new symptoms or condition
    • Know no aggravation of the existing symptoms nor increase of their frequency
    • Must not have made any changes to their treatments or medications (other than routine care adjustments)
    • Not hospitalized for treatment related to the condition


Coverage is not available if you (or your dependent) are expected to undergo an unusual test,

examination or treatment for your condition or diagnosed condition.


A medical emergency ends when the attending physician is satisfied by the medical information

that the patient’s condition is stable enough to allow him to return to his province or territory of