Mental Health

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Support employees

With the changing period that we have all been living since the onset of COVID-19, it is increasingly important to place as much importance on the mental health of employees as the physical health of them to promote the well-being of the organization. Poor mental health among employees can create a lot of negativities on employee motivation and thus on the potential profits of the company.

Organizations are recommended to take into considerations the following points below in efforts to create a psychologically healthy workplace for all members of the company:

  • Identify potential mental health problems in the workplace
  • Communicate effectively
  • Build a healthy environment
  • Identify and address the stigma associated with mental health problems


What more can employers do?

Here are eight strategies employer can use to foster positive mental health:

  1. Encourage active employee participation and decision making.
  2. Clearly define employee obligations and responsibilities.
  3. Promote work-family balance.
  4. Encourage respectful and non-derogatory behaviour.
  5. Manage workloads.
  6. Promote continuing education.
  7. Establish conflict resolution practices.
  8. Effectively recognize employee contributions.


Supporting workplaces for optimal mental health

It is important to take the time to identify the needs of the business as a support for employees and figure out how to proceed. Organizational engagement must start at the top.

Having basic strategy for supporting mental health at work is recommended to be able to support your employees in more difficult times and prevent possible problems in the future.

Each insurance carrier has their own program to help you, please contact us for more information.



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